Get work backwards

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Something’s about to break, and if we don’t change direction soon, it’s going to be us.

It doesn’t matter in which industry or where: too many of us are overworked, disengaged and apprehensive about the future of work. In his life-affirming new book, bestselling author and founder Tim Duggan argues that we approach work and life the wrong way around.

Fuelled by a powerful realignment that’s questioning the way we traditionally think about and interact with our workplaces, in Work Backwards you’ll discover:

Why reversing your thinking can have such an oversized impact

The four things you need to live a full life right now

How to easily reset your life-work balance

How to use tools like remote, hybrid and flexible work properly

Why this is the right moment to experiment with work

Expert guidance from the world’s leading work and happiness researchers

A new army of people who are rethinking their relationship with work

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Learn valuable, practical tools to work better and live a fulfilled and meaningful life that takes advantage of this once-in-a-generations opportunity to reverse your thinking and reclaim your life from work.

Hugh van Cuylenburg
Author of The Resilience Project

‘Absolutely brilliant and life-changing. This book will help you take back control of your life’

Seth Godin
Author of The Song of Significance

‘This is a rare book: both profound and useful. Take your time and savour every page, it will change you for the better.’

Benjamin Law

‘Tim Duggan is the master of a gentle but firm invitation to reassess our values and relationship to work…Nothing could be more valuable.’

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By Tim Duggan