Already read Work backwards?

We’ve put together worksheets for each of the 10 IRL exercises in Work Backwards.

If you want to Work Backwards, you need to complete each of the three main steps. To this, there are 10 exercises throughout the book that help you bring some of the theory to life.  Print out this workbook and follow along with the detailed instructions in the book.

Step 1

Create a MAP
Begin with the end result that you want to achieve. Consciously decide how you want to live, taking into account your passions, skills, happiness and the impact you want to have. You wouldn’t set off in a new direction, to chart an unknown course, without having some idea of where the heck you want to go, right? You need to create a MAP, which stands for knowing your Meaning, Anchors and Priorities.

  • Exercise 1: Meaning at work
  • Exercise 2: Job crafting
  • Exercise 3: Meaning outside work
  • Exercise 4: Identify your anchors
  • Exercise 5: Your full-circle plan
Step 2

Know your ‘enough’
Once you’ve defined where you want to go, you need to work out how much money it will cost to get there. You need to know what ‘enough’ means for you, then plan out in detail exactly what that looks like. You can take back control by consciously planning what it costs to live a life that aligns with what you want, including how much money, success and ‘things’ you require to be happy.

  • Exercise 6: Backwards Budget
Step 3

Use the right tools
Understand all the extraordinary tools you now have access to, and how to best use them. You have to cut through the noise around where work is heading, and instead see things like hybrid workplaces and four-day work weeks as tools to be experimented with, evaluated, used and adapted to meet your needs.

  • Exercise 7: User manual
  • Exercise 8: RACI matrix
  • Exercise 9: Life scale
  • Exercise 10: Your toolkit