Something’s about to break, and if we don’t change direction soon
it’s going to be us.

It doesn’t matter in which industry or where: too many of us are overworked, disengaged and apprehensive about the future of work. In his life-affirming new book, bestselling author and founder Tim Duggan argues that we approach work and life the wrong way around.

Hugh van Cuylenburg
Author of The Resilience Project

‘Absolutely brilliant and life-changing. This book will help you take back control of your life’

Seth Godin
Author of The Song of Significance

‘This is a rare book: both profound and useful. Take your time and savour every page, it will change you for the better.’

Benjamin Law

‘Tim Duggan is the master of a gentle but firm invitation to reassess our values and relationship to work…Nothing could be more valuable.’

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By Tim Duggan

Tim’s new book, Work Backwards, will be published in April and explores how anyone can take advantage of a once-in-a-generations opportunity to rethink how and why we work.

Why now?

This is a once-in-a-generations chance to rethink how and why we work.

Take advantage and learn how to work smarter and live better.

Work Backwards is available in print, e-book and audiobook narrated by Tim.